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KIDS CONFIDENCE COACH & CHILD COUNSELLOR based in maidenhead, berkshire

1:1 sessions to help children build confidence, self esteem and learn how to control anxiety and challenge negative thoughts.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and are done on Zoom.

(Sessions are highly confidential)

  • Is your child unhappy but doesn’t want to talk to you about what’s upsetting them?

  • Do you want to change the behaviour of your child but you don’t know how?

  • Have you and your child run out of ideas to solve the problem and need some fresh new ones?

  • Do you feel your child needs to talk to someone who is not related to the issue or is not you?

  • Could your child benefit from learning new life skills but you don’t have the time or the know-how to do so?


Does your child hold themselves back from being who they truly are because they lack in confidence or self esteem? Does your child suffer with anxiety attacks? Is your child worried about going to school or maybe they are starting a new school and could use with a confidence boost? Does your child struggle with public speaking or making new friends? Does your child struggle with attending holiday clubs or birthday parties or communication skills? 


If so … then I can help you. As a Local Counsellor and Coach for children in Berkshire I really understand kids. I get them to open up and share with me their problems quickly through coaching. I work with children on their level and tailor each session to their needs, learning type and their personality. I get to the heart of their problem with speed and empower them to make some positive life changes. The children see me as an older friend who provides a neutral and confidential space for them to talk and has some great ideas to make their lives happier.


I have met so many lovely children so far with my 1:1 sessions all wanting to work towards being more confident and happy! The feedback i have had regarding my sessions have been fantastic.



Confidence building
Social interaction and communicating with peer groups and adults.
Public Speaking
Stress management
Challenging negative thoughts and beliefs
School problems ( Bullying or Exam Stress )
Parent separation
Motivation and listening skills
Building resilience and character

(I do not work with children with any type of addiction, eating disorder or children who have suffered from sexual abuse.)

If you know a child who may benefit from attending a few sessions then please do get in touch today.

Looking forward to helping your child.

Thank you,
Amanda Cairns

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